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Social Media Optimization

Creating social media accounts and pages is not enough for your brand to grow online.

We will understand your business, do market research, reach out to the right audience, create Informative and engaging content and Keep Track of your online presence.

Social Media Marketing

SMM is not just about running ads or boosting posts, It requires the right strategy, right audience, right time and right content which resonates with your brand.

We will guide you with the right information about ad budgets as per your needs, which will help you to get high quality leads for your business.


Your business needs branding to get into your audience's mind. We provide all design solutions for your brand to stand out from the online crowd.

We will help you with Logo, Color palette, Brand Message, and create a brand story to which your audience can relate.

Web Design

Your website is your online office/ Shop, where you welcome your customers and tell them about your business. You know your first impression should be remarkable to get your prospects attention,

We help you to build a great infrastructure for your online office where your audience gets the right information about your brand.

Content Writing

Yes, Content is the King but your King needs to be brave, humble, empathetic, who cares and understands the People needs.

We provide content that tells your brand story and tales in the most interesting way.

See Our Work

Third Eye Education

Third Eye Education, one of our biggest clients, They provide counselling to the students who are planning to study abroad.

Their biggest problem was not getting quality leads plus higher CPL. They have worked with many agencies before they reached out to us. They got our reference from one of our clients and we provide them with a solution they have been searching for a long time.

What we did is, we analyzed the whole scenario and researched accordingly, this client had a lot of loopholes while running ads and targeted the audience. We helped them to resolve this issue and get them 84 high quality leads in just one month.

Third Eye Education is still working with us happily and generated great revenue and online presence.

Leads: 84      CPL: $ 0.70
Reach: 51,393  Impressions:  99,947

Leads: 84
CPL: $0.70
Reach: 51,393
Impressions: 99,947

Other Portfolios

Leads: 124      CPL: $ 0.042
Reach: 21,029  Impressions:  31,214

Leads: 124
CPL: $ 0.042
Reach: 21,029
Impressions: 31,214

Allure Cosmetics

Allure Cosmetics has great credibility in the offline market but when this pandemic hit the world their business also got affected, they decided to get online.

We had to start their online presence from scratch and generate online sales and we accomplish this goal within 2 months and get them 500+ leads.

Leads: 67      CPL: $ 0.80
Reach: 27,393  Impressions:  34,422

Leads: 67
CPL: $ 0.80
Reach: 27,393
Impressions: 34,422

Ignis Logistics

Ignis Logistics, The movers and packers company, they have already listed their business on listing sites and running ads by themselves but couldn’t get the leads and results they want.

We ran their facebook ads using sales funnel and generated quality leads for their business.

Leads: 99      CPL: $ 0.12
Reach: 15,648  Impressions: 21,615

Leads: 99
CPL: $ 0.12
Reach: 15,648
Impressions: 21,615

ICS Global

ICS Global was running ads as well but their main pain point was higher CPL and Lack of quality leads, We analyzed their past campaign, we figured out the major mistakes they were making while creating and running the ads.

We have researched for the target audience and Company USP and then we planned the right strategy for them and got them effective results.

What Makes Us Different

Digital Moguls, We founded this company with a mindset of helping businesses to grow online. Our speciality is to find the uniqueness of your business and connect you with the right people, who are already searching for you. To be honest, it is no rocket science but what a business actually needs to grow is in-depth research, an Ideal buyer persona, Knowledge of Market scenario and what not.

We can proudly say that we are good at it. We are a research based agency and which help us to provide all solutions which are required for your business to grow. We have a remarkable team, which makes us more trustworthy. Now, Maybe you are thinking why choose Digital Moguls in this red ocean of agencies.

There is a Simple answer WE LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING and our foremost purpose is to provide you high quality leads and strong online presence.

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How We Work


We ask questions like a kid to know more about your business, Which make us to deliver quality service


We Research like sherlock holmes and make strategy to Ideate the best solution for you


We will plan a bunch of solutions according to your business that aligns with your goal.


We will test some solutions and find which works best for you and BOOM! You have created buzz on social Media

These Happy faces, Love Working with Us

Client Photo
Bikash Adhikari ICS Global Pvt. Ltd.

We were struggling with high CPL while running facebook ads. The game has changed when Digital Moguls took charge of our ads and social Media. We got hot leads in Just 1-2 Months, Thanks to Nikhil and Team!

Client Photo
Shiva Wagle Unicampus Global

We have struggled a lot while making our company’s online marketing strategy. We have been with many Digital marketing agencies before we reached out to digital Moguls and I am glad we worked with them. They have great knowledge of their field and their honesty and hardwork is icing on the cake Thank you Mr. Nikhil

Client Photo
Prakash Gaihre Third Eye Education

First of all, Thank you Digital Moguls for Helping our business to grow. Your services are next level, plus you guys gave our business new heights. It is great working with you. Looking forward to being with your company for a long time.

Client Photo
Shishir Nepali

Nikhil and his entire team at Digital Moguls do an amazing job handling my online presence and marketing. They take the time to listen to my needs and the direction of my platforms and then executes.

Why Choose Us

Message from The Founder

Hey! Are you Looking for a speech, we do this and that Blah! Blah! Blah!

Actually, I don’t want to bore you. Let me tell you a story in short. I have been in many businesses from a very young age as I was curious and loved trying new things but couldn’t find anything which makes me feel content.

So, one day my friend introduced me to Digital Marketing. I have joined several internships, Done lots of Practice, met new people and I started enjoying that as a result I started to educate myself more.

That's when I found Social Media, a booming industry, which is not just entertainment, it can make you Millions, What you really need is the right guidance, the right audience and patience. Now, I have a dedicated team of experts in every domain to grow your business digitally.

So the Bottom line is we love our work, we love working with different businesses and creating their credibility and authority online.

Let’s Connect and Grow your Business